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Sustainability Innovators | Let’s Hear From Our Partners

In this month’s Sustainability Innovators meeting our partners share what they’re doing to be more socially and environmentally responsibility.


First Impressions: A sensory approach to baby swimming

A webinar with Jo Wilson from Aqua Sensory – “First Impressions: A sensory approach to baby swimming.”


iClass Pro Skill Tracking Webinar – March 2023

Join us as we bring together a panel of industry leaders and swim school owners for an interactive discussion, moderated by iClassPro’s Barbara Smith. We will be covering topics such as the benefits of skill tracking and managing the assessment process and much more.

ASSA Partners

What is PrezentBox?

PrezentBox is a digital presentation platform that simplifies content creation and sharing, making it easy to engage and inform audiences.


Data is an Asset Webinar

Data is a valuable asset, driving informed decisions, innovation, and competitive advantage when harnessed effectively in today’s data-driven world.


What is Trauma Informed Aquatics?

Trauma-informed aquatics fosters healing by creating safe, supportive, and empowering water environments, aiding individuals impacted by trauma.

(Computer malfunction at around 31 minutes).


Sustainability Innovators: 12 October 2022

This webinar covers some energy saving and money saving methods when operating your pool.


Sustainability Innovators: August 2022

Another sustainability webinar covering some interesting topics.


The Gentle Touch: Torill Hindmarch

Torill Hindmarch presentes “The Gentle Touch”.

She encourages each parent to hold and support their baby in a fashion that they are comfortable with. As a teacher you have to advise how they might loosen their hold, potion themselves in the water to feel buoyant. For the first five minutes they can hold the baby close to the body just as they might carry the baby at home.

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Water Safety: Making it Personal

We take the opportunity to acknowledge World Drowning Prevention Day, a day declared by the UN in April of last year to highlight the tragic and profound impact of drowning on families and communities across the globe.


Sustainability Innovators June 2022

Our monthly sustainability innovators webinar.


Teaching Children with Autism

Teaching swimming to children with autism promotes sensory integration, water safety, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment.

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Sustainability Innovators Call: May 2022

May’s Sustainability Innovators webinar.


Leadership: 7 Gaps & 7 Key Solutions

Leadership inspires, guides, empowers, and motivates, fostering growth, teamwork, and achieving shared goals with integrity and vision.

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Women Walking on Water 2022

Our Women Walking on Water webinar.


Aqua Sensory Bath Babies

Bath time for babies is a sensory-rich experience, promoting cognitive and motor development, bonding, and early water familiarity.


The Perfect Recipe for the Developing Child

This Session is run by Jo Wilson who owns and runs Aqua Sensory in the UK at the 1st World Infant Aquatics Conference, during the International Swim Schools Spectacular.

Bringing Joy to Swim Classes

This session is run by Rafaele & Sandra Madormo – Owners of INATI Instituto de Natacao Infantil in Brazil during the 1st World Infant Aquatics Conference at the International Swim Schools Spectacular 2018, on the Gold Coast, Australia


The Water Cliff Paradigm Test

The ecological psychology approach on infant’s drowning prevention, presented by Dr Carolina Burnay University of Otago.


Water’s Touch – Bringing the Beauty and Benefits of Nurturing Touch in Water

Jo Wilson is the founder of Aqua Sensory, an early years developmental play program for the water. Jo works with her husband, Christian at their swim centres, Swim Works, where their team have backgrounds in baby massage, water therapy, OT and early years.


ISSA Marketing Webinar

This session is run by two highly regarded marketing professionals, Roger Hawke from City Venue Management and Saskia Kirby from Kirby Swim. They both have extensive experience working with small and large swim schools and creating marketing ideas using varying budgets.


Aqua Sensory Baby

Jo Wilson from Aqua Sensory presents a fascinating chat about the first year of a baby’s swim experience. The Aqua Sensory Baby program supports the baby’s sensory development in the water.

Health & Wellbeing

Calibrate Your Mindset

Join Christian Wilson as he talks all about how our minds are becoming more automated by the way we live. Christian shares many analogies and tips for how to live our lives in a positive and happy way.
Health & Wellbeing

ASSA-USSSA Disability Video Library

A living breathing library that will continuously updated with more content, with ideas and tools for instructors.


ASSA Conference – Swim School Excellence Award

Presentation by Johnny Johnson on Blue Buoy’s Swim School’s winning application for the ASSA Swim Schools Awards of Excellence – International category. At the Australian Swim Schools Conference during the International Swim Schools Spectacular 2018, on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Benefits of Swim Lessons for Children with Special Abilities

Swim lessons for children with special abilities: confidence, safety, social skills, and joy.

ASSA talks to SwimKids about the benefits of swim lessons for children with special abilities.


DSSA Carol Sneesby Interview

Carol Sneesby is the mother of Special Olympic Gold Medalist Aleisha Sneesby and has a chat with Colin.


Powerful Parenting – Get your kids to listen WITHOUT being an angry parent

Holly shares the 3 secrets to getting your kids to listen WITHOUT being an ANGRY parent:

Secret #1 – 3 sentences that work EVERY time

Secret #2 – The ONE KEY to conscious discipline

Secret #3 – Handling your child’s emotions

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing Webinar No.5 – Reduce Excessive Worry & Stressless

Talking about the current threats of todays lifestyle, the benefits of sharing you’re worries and how to reframe your thinking.

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing Webinar No.4 – Change Through The Understanding of NLP

Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) – how are behaviours and emotions are not ‘us’ but rather a product of our environment. Therefore, we can be aware of them and change them if we wish.

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing Webinar No.3 – Keeping an at-home routine during COVID-19

Sue Mayo discusses issues around ‘time’ and what it means for all of us, especially during these uncertain times.

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing Webinar No. 2 – Self-Care

Self-Care – the importance of being kind and inclusive. Having a social media ‘cleanse’ and looking after your needs before everyone else’s.

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing Webinar No. 1 – Grieving the life we had planned

Sue talks largely around the 5 stages of the grieving process of the life we had planned and the power of naming and identifying this before making steps towards healing. Sarah, as an Outdoor Educator, believes there has been a light shone on the more natural world we live in, rather than the digital or virtual.

Health & Wellbeing